It was time to stop counterfeits,
and we took on the job

With a little help from our partner, Every Asset, we knew that we could
halt the world of counterfeits – for good!

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The logical step to stop counterfeits – make it no longer viable to manufacture them

In 2018 whilst sitting in Battersea Power Station, London, UK, our original architect sat drinking tea with his wife whilst pondering on a solution to a global problem. No, it was not counterfeiting, but a retail issue. Suddenly the realisation of counterfeits entering the retail sector was considered a serious issue. At that point he knew that the only wat to stop fakes was to design a very simple solution which would make it no longer viable to create counterfeit products. At this point, Anti Counterfeit Technologies was born.

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Origination needless be a painful exercise

Our architect was “luckily” also one of the original architects of our partner and supplier, Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences. Every Asset was designed to allow rapid development for partner companies and connect to one of the worlds largest distributed transaction ledgers (or huge database). Using the framework of Every Asset, our development has been accelerated immensely and allowed us to drive forward to achieve the very first anti counterfeit of everything in the world. And, as with the heading, it really wasn’t painful at all.