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By reporting potential counterfeits, you are not only helping to fight crime, but are eligible for rewards vouchers from the companies the product relates to

Fake goods are not only potentially life threatening, but they are also funding terrorism, organised crime and corrupt outfits globally. Being cheaper means, they are avoiding tax, and regulations which are in place to ensure a product is fit to enter our supply chain. Our children are at threat on a daily basis from fake electrical goods and even drinks or medication.

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Now is the time to act

It is really easy to report! Simply choose to report a potential fake within the Fakebuster app and try to take a few pictures of the product. You can even take pictures and then report when away from the source or person. Add the location and a little description and press send. Our cloud service analyses the pictures and determines which company the product should have been supplied by. They receive your anonymous submission and work out if it is fake. If it is, they reward you for your effort, and they can use the evidence to track down and stop the crime. You get to be part of something great and can use your reward to grab the real product.

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