Protect your products and brand, with ease

Introducing the worlds single solution to the global counterfeit and brand theft epidemic


The value of the digital corruption world is growing faster than ever before



Globally, the market for counterfeit goods is estimated at $1.8 trillion


Consumers are

In order to turn the consumer to detective, there must be an incentive

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An overlapping huge database of traceable data

  • Integrate with ease
  • Instant brand protection
  • Align with your loyal consumers
  • Stay ahead of crime
Integrate with ease

No need to change your production line, just bolt in.

Many businesses with supply chain and production lines are aware of the huge costs when implementing new solutions, sometimes having to replace current infrastructure completely. ACT are supporting current GS1 Application Identifiers and their associated Data Matrix, serialised barcodes, RfID and QR codes with the consumer Fakebuster app supporting out of the box.

In fact, integration is as simple to support your current processes as adding a small amount of code to connect your infrastructure to our API’s. We also have a fleet of expert partners, ranging from consultants, though original equipment manufacturers to independent software vendors, who are ready to work with you to integrate with ACT and take control of your supply chain and assets through Every Asset. By integrating with ACT, you are able to join a vast ecosystem of business boosting applications and solutions.

Instant brand protection

Instant brand protection through live global reports and rich location data.

Within moments of connecting your business and products to ACT, you will start to be aware of consumer scanning and reporting, with mappable data not only depicting where products have been scanned, but also where the counterfeit products are being discovered. Your dashboard, or data consumed via webhooks is delivered within milliseconds of the consumer scan, enabling a global view of your brand.

With the aim of ACT to make it no longer viable for people to create counterfeits, your brand protection will increase within a very small time frame, especially when connecting with your consumers through rewards and praise.

Align with your loyal consumers

Offering rewards to your “street detectives” increases loyalty and retention.

Brands globally are injecting vast capital into brand protection, with teams of corporate protection officers trawling websites, streets and stores for counterfeit products. Identification for the consumer of counterfeit products is difficult and education across the plethora of products almost impossible.

With the consumer using Fakebuster, they are able to scan current codes and future proofing QR codes, providing them with an ultra-fast detection model. This is great for them, but your company still needs the data of the fake products on the streets and in shops. By providing the “street detective” with a reward of a voucher, you are able to incentivise them to continue their valuable work and increase their loyalty to your products. Reduction in your own detective outlays is a valuable by-product of the vouchers too.

Stay ahead of crime

Built in intelligence allows for your brand to predict and prevent the next wave of counterfeits.

ACT intelligence utilises anonymous data to predict outbreaks of counterfeits, trends in counterfeiting and also where the supply chains of counterfeits is or may emanate from. Our cloud uses data from multiple sectors and even currency movement to enable probably the most powerful prediction solution in the world.

By combining not only your brand or even sector intelligence, your company can analyse, prepare and execute brand protection hand in hand with authorities globally. The big picture of counterfeit and money laundering crime just became one of your companies largest brand protection assets.