Consumers are our Detectives

Consumers are our Detectives

Rewarding the consumer detective, rewards the company

In order to turn the consumer to detective, there must be an incentive. Manufacturers are hemorrhaging money through losses on counterfeit goods, thus a small reward to detective consumers is a low cost and viable approach as an incentive. By providing a consumer a voucher for purchase of legitimate goods, they will be incentivized to report a fake through the fake buster, or Tdazy app.

A simple set of photos uploaded with the GPS coordinates removes the necessity for companies to employ their own group of investigators, reducing time, effort and overhead. The user receives a voucher in response to their detective work, and a developing kudos. Upon reaching set levels of reports, the user receives higher grade vouchers and potentially free products.

AI product detection, reporting perfection

Upon delivery of the photographic evidence to the ACT cloud, the packaging / product photos are analyzed and matched to the manufacturer’s authentic product. This is achieved through the attachment of authentic packaging and product information initiated when the manufacturer creates the product template within ACT / Every Asset.

Search time is reduced through the AI service detecting firstly the product class and then the manufacturer, thus reducing the number of records to search through signifyingly. Also, upon upload of the images from a manufacturer, the counterfeit weight is determined, and the AI learns unique fingerprints of the product, again reducing the necessary computation power and time requirements.