Data is the New Gold

Data is the New Gold

Every Asset will be one of the largest data sources in the world, covering and overlapping literally every single sector in the world. ACT will have the data for every single sector requiring protection from counterfeiters, black markets and traceability. An overlapping huge database of traceable data, capable of executing powerful analytics against equals some of the most powerful analytics at the fingertips of producers, manufacturers and sales executives.

Enriched data capable of being mined in real-time and off circuit

With billions of transactions being committed daily and a plethora of data types from thousands of sectors, the overlap of enriched data provides a unique ability to cross reference, compare and execute complex algorithms on the data. Through API’s organizations can mine the data based on their requirements, analyzing both in real-time, or forking a data set to their local business intelligence solutions, for localized analysis.

Tracking the trends of the crime world – proactive defense and policing power

Currently organizations, police and intelligence are failing to reduce the ever increasing underworld earning trillions of dollars per year. Just as with the online cyber threats, malware and exploitation, the services are always one step behind. ACT has the ability to detect and pinpoint the criminals to precise locations, passing intelligence directly to global intelligence experts. As soon as a potential fake organization attempts to register and deploy a fake, AI detects this and starts the process of analyzing the product/s being manufactured. Intelligence globally will be able to predict areas and products which are likely to be the center of a new counterfeit operation.

Big data + expert data scientists = pure gold

Organizations are still unable to effectively utilize data and extract information which is as valuable to them as it should be. Through a direct partnership with a leading Data Science and AI solutions company, ACT is able to provide a Data Science as a Solution (DSaaS). Organizations are able to tap into some of the most elite data scientists and artificial intelligence professors in the world, along with leaders in business modelling and intelligence. Once the application for them is designed, they pay for the DSaaS on a subscription basis, or a Pay as You go service.

Executing as a service in the ACT cloud, those organizations can glean analytics without the need for expensive engineers / scientists and receive enriched reports at the touch of a button, or on a scheduled / trigger-based delivery.