"Know what you own, and know why you own it."

Voluntary Anti Slavery Statement

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2019 CSR Report

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Working for our investors to work for the world

Working for our investors to work for the world

Through the fractioned services offered by our consulting bootstrapper, High Impact Office, we have been able to act in a fit and proper manner during our early years. As such, our capital outgoings have been minimalised and bootstrap capital has allowed us to reach a beta release at a much earlier stage than normally possible.

As a direct partner of Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences, we have been able to utilise rapid prototyping through connecting to Every Asset cloud from inception stage. As such, we have had a vast amount of data for our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, along with guided developer resources on hand to help throughout our integration.

Our high reaching vision for the future of ACT and Fakebuster has already mapped several version implementations of the cloud solution and we welcome not only partners and clients, but investors who are able to add value to ACT and our vision.

Investors criteria are only that they can bring more than just capital to ACT, instead bringing experience, connections and the same values we believe in.

We welcome investors to register and download our prospectus for Series A funding at this current time.