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Consumers are our Detectives visit page

Consumers are our Detectives

Rewarding the consumer detective, rewards the company. In order to turn the consumer to detective, there must be an incentive

Data – The New Gold visit page

Data – The New Gold

Data on its own is an extremely valuable commodity; however, organizations struggle to effectively use it

ACT – Protecting the Digital World visit page

ACT – Protecting the Digital World

Current technologies including SPF, DKIM and SPAM detection are failing at an ever-increasing rate

On-Going Research

Industry and counterfeit whitepapers researched and written by ACT experts and scientists

Counterfeiting: A Global Epidemic visit page

Counterfeiting: A Global Epidemic

The EU imports some 85 billion euros (about 5% of all imports) of fake products each year, costing 800,000 jobs