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Globally, the market for counterfeit goods is estimated at $1.8 trillion


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In order to turn the consumer to detective, there must be an incentive

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An overlapping huge database of traceable data

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In the world of counterfeit, the only option to halt the counterfeits is to make it unviable to produce them.

In the world of counterfeit, the only option to halt the counterfeits is to make it unviable to produce them.

The heart of ACT is an engine so powerful, that detection of fakes is just microseconds away. Taking into account all current technologies used within the cyber security world, ACT is developing one of the most powerful detection solutions ever witnessed.

The solution is simple, and a familiar one. The beauty of the anti counterfeit solution is that, rather than trying to redesign the wheel, it takes an existing process and redesigns it for the 21st century.

The key to resolving counterfeiting is to tackle it at source. A solution combines two things: clear asset identities and an immutable chain of ownership from manufacture to end user. The only way counterfeit goods can enter the system is to either duplicate an identity or break the chain of ownership.

  • Templated Assets – map assets with unlimited scope and flexibility
  • Limitless Identifications – from biomarkers to RfID and intelligent substrates
  • Immutable Chains – securing the asset throughout its life cycle

The anti counterfeit solution makes this same process economical for a much broader range of assets, including low value items. The ACT solution creates virtual identities at the birth of a product leveraging Every Asset and links that identity to the product through any tagging technology. The blockchain architecture of Every Asset creates an immutable chain of ownership, securing the Asset throughout its life cycle.

Every Asset was developed on a 4-dimensional blockchain solution, something which has never been attempted, along with encryption, privacy and granular permissions, capable of protecting IP and sensitive data. People privacy is also a key part, with a solution developed to hide identities, self-encrypt and anonymise public facing data.

It has been our mission to make sure that it is as easy as possible to get onboard

There are number of products which pertain to be the solution to counterfeits and / or traceability, but breakdown soon after raw material conversion, and are almost impossible to trace through the production and lifecycle phases.

They are simply one part of a much larger wheel, the wheel being ACT and the traceability from raw material, through production, packaging, supply, sale and the consumer. ACT has opened up a partner programme to embrace the current technologies and unite to produce the one product for every situation.

With a linked hierarchy back to the very origination of the raw material, it is impossible to inject a counterfeit product into the pipeline at any phase of the life. Instead, those products are now potential partners for ACT, entering in as part of the overall identification and lifecycle, not requiring specialist equipment during the phases after manufacture.

  • One Solution – uniting with all current solutions
  • Manufacturer Dictated – product identification choice is key
  • Cost Effective – even low cost mass produced items can be secured

Counterfeiters may try to copy barcodes and QR codes, but this is where the immutable chain of ownership comes in. Only the manufacturer can dictate which products have which codes. And the system of encrypted private keys means that only the manufacturer can transfer their asset to the next owner. A counterfeit asset would therefore still be recorded as belonging to the new owner. A potential purchaser of that counterfeit can quickly check through the app that the QR code and the asset are not registered to the counterfeiter and abandon the purchase.

This is exactly the same process that is used to secure vehicles through the vehicle identity, the VIN, the registration plate number (equivalent to a barcode or QR code) and the motor vehicles database.

We are partner driven and make sure that there are people ready to help you get going

We are partner driven and make sure that there are people ready to help you get going

Our cloud is partner centric, it’s as simple as that. We didn’t want to take work away from companies, nor try and create or dominate everything. There are a plethora or highly skilled companies, all with their own specialities and we are firm supporters of them as they are of your company.

We have developed a large-scale training programme, certification and support for our partners in order to deliver the very best solutions for your industry. From automation machinery plant original equipment manufacturers through consultants and independent software vendors, we work continuously to embrace them and develop their services to provide our end users the skills, products and services they need to protect their brands and products.

Offering rewards to your “street detectives” increases loyalty and retention

Built in intelligence allows for your brand to predict and prevent the next wave of counterfeits

ACT intelligence utilises anonymous data to predict outbreaks of counterfeits, trends in counterfeiting and also where the supply chains of counterfeits is or may emanate from. Our cloud uses data from multiple sectors and even currency movement to enable probably the most powerful prediction solution in the world.

By combining not only your brand or even sector intelligence, your company can analyse, prepare and execute brand protection hand in hand with authorities globally. The big picture of counterfeit and money laundering crime just became one of your companies largest brand protection assets.

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Manufacturers are able to build templates to contain complex data, including specifications, regulatory information, product use documentation, images, videos – the list is endless.

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