If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself


A Partnership is Deep Rooted in Communication and Collaboration.

With personnel of ACT being previous and long-term partners with some of the largest organizations, including Gold partners of Microsoft and Cisco, the experiences have led to many years of developing partner programmes for other companies both new and established.

Key to a successful partner programme is a seamless and proficient communication and collaboration service, aimed at increasing the confidence of partners through direct contact and community collaboration.

With the use of Salesforce communities embedded directly into the ACT internal CRM solution, partners are able to learn, achieve awards and communicate both with ACT experts, sales teams and other partners. This allows for ISV’s and manufacturers to realise their solutions and potential collaborations, whilst utilizing the underlying fabric of ACT

  • Limitless Framework – Any Sensor, any Identification

  • Open Solution – easy to incorporate into manufacturing processes

  • Develop Together – open communities for collaboration

  • Partners - are able to realise an ever-increasing revenue stream, the scope is endless


Any Sensor, any Identification – The scope is Limitless.

The base UID of Every Asset is key, being quantum based and able to produce an infinitely large number of UIDs. However, this base identification, along with the templating delivers the possibility to incorporate any form of identifying technology, linking back to the UID of the asset at runtime.

Without the boundary or rigidity of a finite number of identifiers, ACT future proofs and allows for solutions of any type to be incorporated into the asset blocks.

Opening up the ability for partners to produce unique identifiers leads to a close relationship, where ACT can help to inject partner technologies into markets both already working with and identify new markets for penetration by both the partner and ACT simultaneously.

  • New Revenues – assistance to open up new opportunities

  • Work Together – collaborate with research and development

  • Remove Boundaries – empower products through ACT technologies

The realisation of new revenue streams and growth of products is key to a successful partnership. ACT is ready to work together.


Open Solution.

With the ability for any software or hardware solution to connect to and use the ACT API at runtime and real-time, any manufacturing solution can literally “bolt” into the ACT API with just a few extra lines of code. And with the incredible speed of the ACT solution, along with the downstream Every Asset service, manufacturing can rely on the sheer speed of creation of assets, retrieving a UID and creating a block from a template with any extra ID type. Whether it be marking lasers, stamping, printing or spraying smart chemicals, the manufacturing process need take no longer than current implementations.

It would be unviable for ACT to attempt to produce the machinery or supply chain for the vast number of hardware solutions. Instead, working to develop close relationships with hardware manufacturers, along with commercial assistance, means ACT is the ideal partner of choice for those intending to halt the global counterfeit epidemic.

  • Open Platform – develop with API’s open for any product

  • Integrate Manufacturing – leverage the speed of ACT at runtime

  • Framework Enhancing – empower the overall ACT framework

Partnering with ACT provides the ability to ignite solutions and combat counterfeits globally