Protect your health, wealth and wellbeing

One single app for your phone gives you the power to make sure everything is real, protecting you, your family and friends

  • Easy to use
  • It’s not just the packaging
  • Information at your fingertips
Easy to use

Just download the app, create an account and start your journey to the ultimate protection.

It really is that simple. When shopping anywhere, you will see many products with a QR code prominent on the packaging. Simply open Fakebuster, scan the code and voila! You will receive an alert on your phone to let you know whether the product is real, a potential fake, or “be careful”.

Some companies are a little slow in printing the QR codes on their packaging. As such, we have decided that you should still have the power at your fingertips. So, we have added support for many other types of current barcodes on packaging. We call these legacy codes, as, well, they are pretty old fashioned and usually meaningless to your phone. With Fakebuster though, you can still scan those old codes and make sure the product is all safe and sound

It’s not just the packaging

Product information is displayed on your mobile phone, providing a load of useful information.

A product, whether it be a lipstick or a contact lens go through many processes and companies before they reach you. We make sure that not only the packaging is real, but also whatever is contained within it is too. In fact, we work with the companies to make sure that even the raw products and chemicals are real.

One scan of the packaging, the vessel and in some cases, even the product itself will tell you whether it is real or not. So, make sure you scan everything and know that you are safe to use.

Information at your fingertips

Just download the app, create an account and start your journey to the ultimate protection

You don’t only want to make sure the product is real, nope! You want to also see what is really in it and even where it was made. Fakebuster displays product information including the source, the ingredients and allergy information. A really simple, clean app allows you to switch the views to see what you are really buying and what it means to you, not just whether it is real or fake.

All this gives you a large amount of power on your mobile phone to make decisions on the products and the impact they may make on your, your family and even your friends. You can rest assured during your purchase that you have our best intentions at the forefront of your purchases, and all for free!